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Selling Tips/Questions
If you have any tips, suggestions, or questions about selling on any of the marketplaces that Classadlister supports, please put them in this thread.
1.) Is anyone using anything other than google photos to edit images? Pixlr is pretty neat if you like to add text to images. It makes it easy. Don't forget to turn the storage to on under permissions for the app in settings (the gear thing generally at the top right). Snapseed is no longer working. I gave them a 4 star review and asked them to fix it for us. Wink
Those are the only three I have ever tried. Anyone find another app that works well?

2.) Anyone using the genymotion emulator? Anyone using any of the others? Most of the other emulators would fail when trying to add pictures. They are probably fixed by now. They were all running Android 4.4.2 which has a google bug for that very important piece of ClassAdLister. Darn. Most are probably running 5 or better by now I would think, so they may work now. I should probably test them again.

3.) Anyone using it on a chromebook that has the play store? How does it work? I need to buy a new chromebook that has the ability to install the play store. Mine is too old. I imagine taking pictures/scanning would not be so hot, but not sure.

4.) Anyone ever group by eBay and long-press the Listed group to automatically enter expired journal entries? Anyone use it for other sites like craigslist?

5.) What would be more important to you as a user? Multi-user capability or automatically unlisting an item from other sites when something sells and QOH is now zero instead of having to do it manually? If it was only implemented on say eBay and eBid for starters would that be useful? eBid does a pretty good job of exporting to google shopping.

6.) Is the fact ClassAdLister doesn't automatically select the category on most sites a major pain for you? That would be a HUGE mapping exercise to implement and I have no idea how I would keep it updated. eBay is the cat's meow for that feature. Love their magical suggestion API.

7.) Anyone using a bluetooth scanner rather than the phone camera?

8.) Last one is for our SUPER Moderator. Anyone wish it supported Bonanza? LOL

I might have a tip or two. Did you know you can use ClassAdLister to delete your inventory from sites? Just use the list button and then instead of actually listing an item, delete it. For eCrater it auto-populates the search field for your item so when an item sells it is really easy to delete from eCrater.

I get questions from time to time about sharing the database between devices. You can't do that but you can use the database backup task to send your database to drive then restore the database on another device using the restore task. If you have your device shared as a drive on your computer, you can just manually copy the database file from Android/data/classadlister/databases/classadlister.db. No, you can't convert that file to a spreadsheet. If you have a spreadsheet of inventory with columns that have links to images, you can use the csv import feature to import all your inventory into ClassAdLister including the pictures. There are several ways to make ClassAdLister multi-user, so I might tackle that someday if get enough interest.

Did you know you can update the location for every item at a specific location under location management? You can purge locations from there also.

Did you know you can add custom fields to ClassAdLister? Check out the review JC gave on google play. JC sells cars with ClassAdLister on craigslist mostly I think. He wanted a way to know if a car had its smog check done easily by just looking at the home screen. All you would need to do is add a custom field named smog, set the match value to a "y" for example and set a color. The field will show up when you edit an item and you can enter the y. Now on the home screen it will display in the color you chose so you have a visual indication. To remove it just delete the "y" for that item. I use it for OOS personally. I like to be able to see by color which items are out of stock easily. I don't delete items very often. Don't add too many custom fields, it slows down the scrolling the more you add.

I guess that is all I can think of for now Aaron. Tired of typing anyway.
Just installed BlueStacks 3N. Wow. What a huge improvement from the last time I messed with it. Seems to run better than genymotion so far.
1) I use Google Photos.

2) I used Genymotion to pull a fairly large amount of inventory over from eCrater, as that site has NO export capabilities. Unfortunately, I added the photos later in the smartphone, so I can't comment on its ability to add photos from the computer.

3) Not me.

4) Just now tried it for the first time, actually. What is it supposed to do on other sites? Just create "Expired" journal entries for every item that exceeds the length of time that you set in the "Settings" page for that particular site?

5) I have no need for multi-user capabilities, so I'd say the ability to diminish quantities would be nice. eBay would be better than nothing (taking my time migrating to eBid, haha), but I don't find manually having to delete things to be a dealbreaker. The more sites we could get it working for would be better, where you could just adjust quantities from one database and have them auto-update to as many sites across the board as possible.

6) Not a deal-breaker at all. On most sites, picking the categories is easy and takes only a few seconds max to figure out where your listing should go. eBay by far has the most options, so the auto-suggest feature there is golden.

7) Nope, just camera. Only time I enter bluetooth mode is to manually input UPC if it can't be scanned.

8) As you know, Bonanza functionality is the ONLY thing that I really wish this app had, haha. I find it to be a great site for selling.

I actually noticed that it auto-populated the search field with the title in eCrater, and even wondered why and how that could be useful. After you told me that's what it was for, it makes complete sense! I'll have to start removing items in this fashion in eCrater.

My use for the custom field is to input my item cost, in a field conveniently titled "Cost". I buy a lot of items from various places (thrift stores, liquidations, estate sales, etc.) and grew tired of having to search through emails to find the cost after I sold the item, or right after receiving an offer on an item to see if I could make a profit. This allows me to put the cost in right as I'm creating the product page, and then makes finding it as easy as pulling up the product page. This has saved me a tremendous amount of time and sanity.

I'll think of more app tips, and maybe even market-specific tips, some other day...too tired to think.
Custom field called cost is a good idea. You will be mad if I add it as a permanent field now. Wink
No worries, it won't happen for a while. Profit and loss can be complicated. Interfacing with an accounting app would be better. Plus your request for better shipping support.

I meant on adding photos when you list via the ClassAdLister browser. On Android 4.4.2 it would just do nothing when you clicked the add photo button.

For generating expired journal entries it uses the listing journal for ebay. So if you listed a 7 day, it will expire it after 7 days, for 30 days it will expire it if older than 30 etc. For list until sold it will never expire it. For craigslist and others I think I use 30 days. Will have to verify. It does not use anything in settings.

Bluestacks 3n is looking very promising. No major bugs found so far. I would really like to just plug my phone into my computer and then when I fire up ClassAdLister on bluestacks it opens the classadlister.db file right from the device so no backup/restore process required. I will work on that. What do you think? Would you use bluestacks if it worked like that? I bet many customers would really like that. Get to use that nice camera on the device that way but list stuff from the computer without any headaches. Then you just grab your device and go off and do your retail arbitrage thing. No DB synch required that way via backup/restore.
Haha, no worries about the cost field. I was surprised I actually thought of something useful myself, haha. I keep track of financials on a (real) simple Excel spreadsheet I set up. Others I know swear by databases (Microsoft Access). What would the logistics be of having a spreadsheet file attached, in lieu of an accounting app? Or would it be possible to have numbers automatically plug in using an accounting app? I would just think (from your end) working with spreadsheets would be easier. I don't know...this feels like something that's far off anyway so we have some time to think about it.

Oh, the only bug I've found lately when adding photos using the Google Photos app is the "Edit" button doesn't work. I can still add photos from inside the app, but when I click on "Edit", it just spits me out to the main product page. I guess I didn't try the other editing option (View and Edit) so maybe it's just Google. I merely went into the actual camera gallery, edited it there, and then added it to the product with no further problems.

I would definitely use Bluestacks like that, if possible. I actually prefer to use the PC over phone, when I can, so this would be a great option. Problem I had with Geny (besides forgetting to save database a couple times after spending an hour or two adding products, thus losing all my work) was that it was sooooo slow and unreliable on my computer (which is a couple years old), making it a pain to work with. I think it still saved me time over copying and pasting on my phone, but if Bluestacks runs quicker, I wouldn't hesitate to do touch-up work and other tasks right from there, ESPECIALLY if it auto-saved to the app.
Yeah the google photos edit bug was just in the version where I upgraded the google framework to the latest API. Sorry about that. Fixed in newer versions and I also added better error checking for the other third party image edit programs. Snapseed still isn't working. Pixlr works if you turn on storage in the app permissions.

Let's talk about accounting later. I agree, I am not ready to tackle that one yet.
I tried several options to make ClassAdLister load the database directly from the "Real" phone's external storage with no success while running ClassAdLister in Bluestacks. Unfortunately there are issues I am just not able to debug in BlueStacks 3N.

An option that has worked somewhat OK for me is to use DriveSync on google play. My database was way to large so I had to upgrade to the pro version but it was only $4.99.
I downloaded it from google play on my phone then again in bluestacks. DriveSync uses google drive as the cloud storage so I made a directory on my google drive storage called cal_db. When drivesync asks for the folder on google drive I chose that one.

The database folder location on the device is <external storage>Android\data\classadlister\databases
It will sync the journal file also but it is really small.

In drivesync I went to the SYNCED FOLDERS tab and turned on two way sync. From the status page I just tapped the refresh button and it synced the database pretty quickly.

The issue with this method of course is you need to remember that if you are on bluestacks making changes, don't use ClassAdLister on your phone until the sync has completed from Bluestacks Drivesync->Drive and then your phone's Drivesync pulls it back down. Vice-versa if you then use it on your phone, make sure it has synced back to bluestacks before using it there. DriveSync's Sync history makes it really easy to keep track of what is going on. I.E. you may think you can make changes to both at the same time and then somehow it would magically merge the changes back together, but alas you would be very disappointed as you lose work. Wink To make it work that way requires a server based sync system that can do the merge. They do exist, but I haven't found one I like quite yet.
Not ideal I know, but is certainly a step up from using the backup/restore tasks in ClassAdLister.

The most peculiar issue I faced was when installing DriveSync on Bluestacks. It could not see any folder in <external storage>Android\Data. I am not sure what is going on with that one. I installed OI File Manager and ES File Explorer and neither of those could see the folders under there either. The workaround was to go to My Apps in Bluestacks and run the settings app. In that app at the bottom you will see the word explore. That app can see those folders. Strange. Anyway, I totally deleted the entire Android\data directory from that app (<external storage>Android\data. Then in OI File Manager created the "data" directory under Android. Then OI File Manager could see it. So, following along those lines I then created classadlister under data and then created databases under the classadlister folder. Low and behold DriveSync could see it just fine after that and after turning on two way sync and hitting the refresh button it created the classadlister.db file from drive. I then installed ClassAdLister from the play store and it worked fine on BlueStacks. All my data was there.
Again, this is not a great solution but it might help someone. I will continue to research either a better sync option that can merge the differences, or the best way to implement a multi-user database server or cloud storage option.
Man, that sounds like a whole big thing, haha. Honestly, the only time I used Genymotion was when I was pulling all my product over from eCrater (which I think I already mentioned); eCrater is the one marketplace without a way to export inventory, so I had to manually pull everything over and enter it into Classadlister. Needless to say, it was much easier for me to copy and paste on a computer screen, with the ability to pull up multiple tabs, than it would be to go back and forth copying and pasting on my phone.

Aside from that, the PC functionality is certainly nice, but not required for my application. Even if it was working fine the way you wanted it to (with automatic updating of the database), I'd probably download it and try it out just to test it out for you, but it's probably not something I would use all that regularly anyway.

Still, I applaud the effort! Sounds like it took a lot of tinkering!
It was for sure. I really do use it this way now. It works and it is totally automated. Just slow. You get used to it. Change something on phone you know not to use anything on Bluestacks for about an hour and vice-versa. LOL. I actually like it as it gives me an excuse to be lazy and goof off for an hour.

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