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On subject of sync multiple devices with same credentials
I have a dedicated phone but I also use tablet. Wondering if I can use ClassAdLister on both devices and both devices will have same site/user accounts credentials.

Option 1:

Can use ClassAdlister on multiple devices without issues?  Of course I would only use one device at a time and I'll make sure ClassAdLister is completely shut down, not only closed, before opening ClassAdLister on a different device.

Option 2:

If that is not going work (perhaps risk of database corruption due to conflicts etc. maybe??), then I am thinking simply synchronizing the database.  I see I can do import export database. OK. That's seems should work. But I wonder if I can do more conveniently by copying and replacing database files.

I see DB is in Android/Data/com.iss.classadlister/files/classadlister/databases/

What I intent do use is Synchronize Ultimate App on Android and have the database synced (*manually - on demand*). 


So Question is:
1) is Option 1 feasible without issues?
2) if Option 2 not going work, will there be an issue now or in the future if I copy the files and replace them (...without going through the procedure of importing / exporting.. )

Thank you.
Everything you mention, including the options are spot on.
You can backup the database to google drive (or other storage) and then restore it on another device (recommended procedure).
You can manually copy the database from one device to another.
Using a sync system is not recommended. It is really easy to get the databases out of sync when you use this.
There is no issue using ClassAdLister with the same credentials on as many devices as you want, the issue of course is anything you do in a database on one device will not be reflected in the database on the other device. So if you forget and do something on one device and then do something else on the other it is a major pain to manually update them so they both reflect the same thing (or you just forget entirely and then wonder what happened later).

Many customers manually move the database from one device to another, but most find it is more trouble than it is worth unless you are just upgrading your device.

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