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Any potential issues with duplicating listings e.g. from Amazon and Ebay?
(10-15-2020, 09:43 PM)itoldusoandso Wrote: Have you ever come across and issue of eBay penalizing listings if same listings are duplicated across other sites? Apparently this used to be an issue where Ebay software bot would flag a listing and reduce its rank because the same listing was also listed on other sites like Amazon. Since the listing is basically replicated on Amazon, Ebay and other sites, eBay would think it's arbitrage.

It's what this post from Wed Aug 14 00:52:12 2019 is suggesting (bottom 1st page)

But because I use software to duplicate my Amazon listings on eBay, they have targeted me repeatedly without anyone human doing any manual checking or providing me with an appeal process or even way of contacting that team directly.
That would be pretty shocking to me, but then again nothing eBay does would surprise me that much to be honest. It is one of the reasons ClassAdLister exists. People deserve a choice where they want to list their stuff. An app that makes it easy to try other sites supports competition and would help prevent such a predatory practice I would think. It is probably illegal also (if it isn't, it should be) so I seriously doubt eBay would ever do something like that. I really don't know though.

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