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Feature Request: Upload Multiple Images At One Time

First I want to say thank you again for creating this tool, and for being so responsive to your user's questions and suggestions. Your app has made listing items across marketplaces substantially easier, and has helped me significantly increase my sales. 

Would it be possible to upload multiple pictures at one time when adding images through the "File +" option? This is more a quality of life suggestion, so not high priority.  

Also, it looks like you are no longer listed in the Google Play store and have shifted to APK downloads only. Does that mean you are planning on ending updates or retiring the app?

Thanks again!
I totally agree. I'm not sure how this request was moved to the bottom of the list. It needs done and has been asked before. We will move it to the top of the list and thanks for posting the excellent suggestion to the board!

No the app isn't being retired anytime soon. Google play does not allow auto-update. This was fine when they were pushing out APK updates often within hours. When it started taking weeks there was no way we could use their system. When a site changes and we get a complaint we try to patch it ASAP. Waiting weeks for that patch to get to a customer is not acceptable. We have been able to patch a broken site within a day more often than not. With the new system where updates come directly from, you can be up and running again very quickly. The problem is of course the trust factor and it being more difficult to install. Google play also tries to push developers to use new features and security updates with the latest APIs from google, which is also helpful (not that it is that hard to do manually, but it does help). It was a tough decision, but it was one that had to be made. As hard as it is to configure APIs and what not if a customer can't side load an APK they probably will never figure out ClassAdLister anyway. Wink

Thanks again!
Complete. Multiple selection is now supported. Enjoy!

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