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How import from AirTable to ClassAdLister
First of all - kudos to the developer. I want to say thanks to the developer for making such a project and maintaining it. 

I'm experimenting now with Airtable to Classadlister import. I have 100's of items in Airtable. Airtable cells can hold images. The images are hosted by Airtable and their URL's are exposed (e.g. when copying or exporting the data the image address is visible) 

Here is an example of a record copied:

Name of the item     999.99    Description of the item.         IMG_20200308_092432316.jpg 

Note, the link will be disabled after I delete my test table I created in AirTable just to test this now, so if the link doesn't work it doesn't mean the external links don't work if you make a table.

To clean it up:

If multiple photos attached in Airtable cell, I need to separate the image file name and the actual link to the image because multiple images are just lumped together in CSV export and they show up in one cell in Excel. To separate then, I'll do just import text as CSV or use tool to separate values. So each image will have its own cell:

IMG_20200308_092432316.jpg ( 

Now I need one more step to get rid of the image file name (in blue), and the bracket (pink)  and just leave the image link. That's it.  Now the import should into classadlister.

I don't have experience with programming or doing any sort of macros. Going through the import into Excel and trying to clean up looks like OK, but if ClassAdLister was able to do that for me, that would be great. 

I'm not checking my emails very often, maybe 3-4 times per month so if I don't respond, I didn't get a chance to read emails yet. 
ClassAdLister does support CSV import with links to images at a URL address.
There is an example video along with documentation on the reports screen of ClassAdLister and on this site. The trick will be to manipulate the export to match the ClassAdLister import specification. Use the example CSV as a start and tweak it for your needs.
It takes some practice so just tweak a little bit at a time until you get it the way you need it.

P.S. to delete everything you imported when practicing just select tools, location management and purge everything in that location.
Great, figured that out. It didn't work in Excel because the CSV file exported from AirTable includes long string of photo_file_name and the URL all together just separated by commas. I couldn't find a way to clean it easily but luckily this post helped me.

The key was to use the free addon above for Google Sheets and then mark the column with pictures to replace with # or whatever. Then save it as CSV. It saves it without the photo_file_names. Then open Excel (this setup could be done in Google Sheet as well if you like), create a new sheet and import data (Data/Get External Data) or whatever to open the CSV. Once opened, then mark the column press "Text to Columns" for the specified column. There is set # (or whatever I picked) as delimiter for my data to be put into columns. Done..
Now the table is in the format ready to be imported to ClassAdLister. 

This really helps if I don't have time to list things right away with listing lots of stuff at once while still being able to update the tables. Airtable is just so amazingly easy to use. 

You could argue why not import to ebay or use tools like InkFrog (11 USD per month). Well, InkFrog doesn't do things that ClassAdLister can do on the mobile device and that's what makes this app great. Plus the ability to list to many more sites. 

Plus great advice related to selling. Great videos. I didn't know about the importance of Google stores and ecrater etc..
Nice work! You know more than I do now. Thanks for the compliments and thanks for contributing to the board. I bet there are many others that will find this useful. Thanks again!
P.S. Please don't forget to donate. It costs quite a bit to keep this site up and keep ClassAdLister updated.
Thank you, I will. I appreciate the reminder.
OK, just want to add for people who wonder how to export the images from Airtable in bulk. Once you start using Airtable and you may want to upload the images to somewhere else like your website, here is a way to export them in bulk. It uses Zapier service, it offers only 100 free triggers (more with invites) but you could have multiple Zapier accounts if you like to go with free.

I am mentioning it here because it's not easy to find an answer on how to do that. There are paid tools from the same company I mentioned in my earlier post -

My personal opinion is I would rather donate more money to ClassAdLister than spending on because there is much more effort behind ClassAdLister than behind those simple tools they charge 20 dollars per month on Just my personal opinion.
I lost password and my email was fake for my thankyouadclaslister login so I couldn't reset. So here we go again.

I made some progress with AirTable to ClassAdLister integration and I'd like to share:

1. AirTable database is now organized by locations. AirTable now includes Rate Tables for shipping calculation based on weight, dimensions and country of destination.  Ebay has own rating tables but some other sites may not have. AirTable item database is organized by locations which correspond to location setup in ClassAdLister. The location is determined from the first segment of the SKU number. AirTable allows me scan barcodes to lookup items and to print bar-codes on the fly to label items as I add them to inventory (automated through an Integromat flow). 

2. AirTable is setup with multiple views. Each view can be configured differently to interact with Zapier flows (more on that below).  One of my favourite things is the Gallery view of my inventory. It creates a beautiful "instagram" type of view all my inventory. The other thing I like is the Form view, which allows me to use quick entry to enter new items in AirTable, including scanning etc.

3. AirTable includes special formulas (really massive formulas though) to split the images into separate columns. I mentioned earlier above how AirTable exports all image links in one long text string. To avoid that, formulas can be added where AirTable separates all images and this allows ClassAdLister to download images directly from AirTable. The earlier methods I described before in this thread are no longer needed. 

4. One of Zapier workflows is downloading all pictures of specific item in specific View into a Google Drive folder. It zips them and the file name includes item name or SKU number etc. This allows me to download pictures in bulk and have them nicely sorted in Google Drive, in case I need to post ads to sites not supported by ClassAdLister.

5. Another Zapier workflow is populating Google Sheet with new data from AirTable. That Google sheet is then automatically downloaded as CSV file and saved to Google Drive.   ( I am currently looking at Microsoft Power Automate to further automate this process to run in background).

6. Then using ClassAdLister I can open the CSV file to import new inventory to ClassAdLister. 

7. Workflow could be turned around other way to load files from ClassAdLister to AirTable.

I am still new to ClassAdLister and not even using it yet but I found the missing piece was an interface to prepare the items for sale before they are loaded to ClassAdLister. In particular selling one-off items such as vintage stuff or flipping things requires to prep listings well beforehand. 

Another thing is, I like to see some calculations telling me if I am profitable or not and how much I am making. My AirTable calculates margin, profit and risk and it takes into consideration:

- costs
- shipping material
- cost allowance (my time and gas)
- taxes on shipping
- taxes on purchase price (different locations different rates)
- platform fees
- taxes on platform fees (e.g ebay, different locations different tax rates)
- risk fund (returns / refunds)

This are nice calculated in AirTable. 

One of big benefits of AirTable is the gallery view. It allows me to add custom links to anything including to the shopping cart, so in theory I could run a small ecommerce store right out of AirTable. 

All I described above is completely free.  Anybody has questions about how to go about AirTable, feel free to ask me. 

Now I'm ready to get my hands on ClassAdLister. It's going to be fun, I am really excited now.
Another update for AirTable to ClassAdLister... in case anybody interested. Since September Airtable released a new feature called "Automations". Just became available in my account. It is allows creating workflows within AirTable  that push data to external applications such as Google Sheets. Bingo! Now AirTable can export directly to ClassAdLister format in real time. You can then use the information above to quickly download CSV to import to ClassAdLister.

Currently I am Looking into using AirTable apps and Google Translate API to translate listings. (DONE) 

The prices that WebInterpret charges are ridiculously high (7% of the item price sold but minimum charge is 10 dollar per month). With Google Translate API it's free (well almost, Google gives you 500,000 characters translation quota per month for free and AirTable Pro account cost 20 dollar per month (Now available at no charge - see below). And Webinterpret the translation only works for Amazon and ebay so not much use outside of it.

UPDATE: Google Translate now works. Free Google Translate gives me 150 letter-size pages of translation of text per month, that's more than enough for a 1000's of listings. The automation can work with Integrate or directly within AirTable Apps. You can then use filters / formulas or views in AirTable to get the listing ready in the desired language.

Keyword generation based on images:

Another good use of Google Cloud I found with Google VISION API. This enables me to process an image I take through Google OCR to generate list of key - words.  For example (it's just an example not that I have anything to do with this house), if I was selling a house like this, I would have to come out with the list of key words. I can use Google Vision to generate the list for me. There could be a valid reason Google picks words like these as key words, so something to consider when putting together the listing title and description. 

Here is the link:

And here are the keywords Google generates for me directly in the AirTable (e.g. into the description field and I can edit these to add adjectives and story etc).

Building, Home, House, Property, Estate, Mansion, Real estate, Architecture, Manor house, Historic house


AirTable now giving out the Pro accounts for free to people who sign up (the only limitation is the account is for single user only, not a big deal).  This account gives access to Google API apps at no charge and gives large quota for automations. 

So all I have described so far including Zapier, Integromat and Google Cloud didn't cost a penny.

The last item on my to-do list is generating barcode labels in AirTable and after this I am ready to get into ClassAdLister. Exciting.
Currently I am working on integration with REMOVE.BG. This is a fantastic solution to get pictures looking great. Integration with AirTable works but I hit a roadblock. If somebody is interested here is my post post:

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