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Allow TITLE to be other than 1st column in import CSV
I use Airtable to create my listings. I know this is not the Airtable user forum but I won't be able to make any suggestion for changes there because the issue I describe here is not a limitation of Airtable (Actually it is a database application by design so 1st column in database is always special). 

In my earlier post I described how to get AirTable working with ClassAdLister.  I create listings in Airtable and then use then Zapier and Google sheets and some manipulation to download data. So far so good...

However, I want to have 2 tables in Airtable. One is for data dump, the other is clean data ready for import. Here is what I have done:

In my Airtable database I have 2 tables. The 1st table is (called TABLE) where I dump new listings - either by typing in, or on mobile device or through a web-form of AirTable. Works well. The 2nd table is (called VIEW) is where the finished listings (line items) are copied. The trigger is condition - a checked checkbox in in one of the columns in the 1st table. When the listing line item has all complete information, I would press a check box beside it and the line will appear in the 2nd table. The way it works is my 2nd table is looking up information in the 1st table (LOOKUP function). The LOOKUP function looks up for a value in 1st table based on reference value in a field in the 2nd table. Then I have a filter setup in 2nd table to only show listings thad do have a checkmark in 1st table. 

Now the issue is, I want to create the export CSV file from the 2nd table (VIEW table). This has data ready to import into ClassAdLister. ClassAdLister requirement is the Import CSV file MUST be a Title field.  However, the way AirTable works, it doesn't allow me the Title field to be the first column in my 2nd table.  The reason is doesn't allow it because the 1st column in AirTable cannot have a LOOKUP function. It can have formula but not lookup from another field. LOOKUP is not available in the 1st column. 

So I can't have Title in the 1st column. The only way for me to deal with it is right now to open the CSV and manually swap columns. Not a big deal.

But I was wondering why ClassAdLister doesn't allow TITLE to be the 2nd or whatever column. It's looking for the "Title" field anyhow, so why would it need to be the 1st column in order for the import to work.

As I said, it's a bit specific my request, I don't want to ask for too much, it's a great application as it is no complains. 

Thank you. Here is the image of the lookup function:

[Image: auto.png]
It is an excellent request. Please consider donating so funds may be diverted to this task.
Thank you. It is on my to-do list once I start with ClassAdLister to make money. Right now I am still fooling around trying to get it work with AirTable. The good news is I figured it out so I no longer need it, Title can stay in 1st column. I changed the Views in AirTable and it works well through Zapier. However, I still have to push a button or two before things go between AirTable and ClassAsLister so I am playing with AirTable formulas to create exact pattern that ClassAdLister needs. Then the import will be automatic without "fooling around" and then I launch my creation Wink

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