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OfferUp & Letgo Merger (+ donation question)
Now that the merger is final and we're having to transition to the OfferUp app, are there any plans to start supporting the app? I know that OfferUp requires you to use their app when listing, but I was wondering if this merger would change things on the technical side and make implementation possible.

I guess this is also to let you know that Letgo marketplace will close on Sept 21!

Also, I'm having some difficulties with the donation option on the app. When I click donateĀ it turns into a loading graphic but never finishes loading and/or never links me to anything.

Thank you!
I checked The website to see if OfferUp was making any changes to allow posting via the web and they are still requiring you download their App. ClassAdLister requires an API interface or the ability to post via the web. I will keep my fingers crossed they support one or the other eventually.
Donate button also fixed.
They closed operations in Europe, Canada and other places even through these were profitable and the most popular platforms to sell collectible and vintage. In Canada they become more popular than Kijiji with millenials and yet they closed Letgo there. Disappointing.

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