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ClassAdLister Initial Setup
Download ClassAdLister from here:
ClassAdLister is better suited to advanced users and advanced sellers. This is not an app for beginners.
ClassAdLister is no longer on Google Play due to their increasingly slow APK deployment. ClassAdLister now supports autoupdate internally which is not allowed for apps on Google Play. As sites often change, it is important for fixes to ClassAdLister be deployed within 24 hours or faster if at all possible. If you find an issue please post the issue to the board or send an email to It is our goal to get the fix in and you back to listing on your favorite sites as fast as possible.

ClassAdLister requires an Android device, iPhone is not supported. If you would like to use ClassAdLister on your PC you may install the BlueStacks emulator. ClassAdLister is a local app with no server component, so there are no privacy concerns as there is no mechanism to acquire any of your information or what you do while using ClassAdLister.

On most Android devices:
Go to your phone’s Settings.
Go to Security & privacy > More settings.
Tap on Install apps from external sources.
Select the browser you want to download APK files from.
Toggle Allow app installs ON.
On Samsung devices:
Go to your phone’s Settings.
Go to Biometrics and security > Install unknown apps.
Select the browser you want to download APK files from.
Toggle Allow app installs ON.

A note on using help. When using ClassAdLister you will notice little blue question marks that offer additional help for that specific field or page. Rather than trying to tap the little blue question mark, you may also just tap the word in front of the little blue question mark which is much easier. 

In order to maximize the amount of time you can save with Classadlister, you will first need to go through a simple set-up process for each of the marketplaces that you plan to sell on.

From the main inventory screen, click on the yellow "file" button at the top of the screen. It will be on the right side, to the left of the red "exit" button, and to the right of the barcode "scanner" icon.

This will pull up a submenu titled "Manage". From this menu, select "Settings".

[Image: settings.PNG]

Here you will find a pulldown list of all supported sites on Classadlister. This is where you will save all of your login information to speed up the sign in and listing process. You may also enter a phone number, postal code, discount percentage for non-eBay sites, description header and footer, as well as enable and disable sites.

[Image: settings_page.PNG]

To start, select a marketplace from the pulldown menu. Tap the red "+" button to add a new login for the selected site. In the "login" field, enter your login name. It can be an email address or username for sites that support both, or just the username for sites (like eCrater) that don't use email addresses. For eBay, be sure and use an email address or you will likely get an invalid Paypal address error.

Keep in mind that Classadlister supports an infinite number of sign-ins per marketplace, so you can still use this if you have multiple stores within a site.

Next, enter your password. If you want to see your password, click the "Password" button and the password will be revealed at the bottom of the screen. Entering the password is optional and you may enter it manually when listing an item.

Postal Code: Enter your 5-digit postal code here. It will be auto filled for sites that support postal codes. For countries other than the US, enter the appropriate code here.

Phone Number: Optionally, enter your customer service number or contact number here. This will be filled in as contact info for marketplaces that support it.

Description Header: Have a word, sentence, paragraph, or phrase that you want to appear on EVERY listing under the particular site you're on? Enter it here. It will prepend whatever is entered in the description field.

Description Footer: Same as the header, only the footer will appear at the bottom of the description of every item you post.

Custom eBay/eBid SiteId: By default, Classadlister will take you to the main page of whatever marketplace you choose to post to. Using this function can point the app to a different page on that site, if you wish. If you live outside the U.S., it can also be useful for making your country's eBay or eBid site your default. A list of applicable codes can be found under help for the settings page by tap the word "Settings" to the left of the blue question mark.

Site Enabled: Don't plan on selling on a particular marketplace? Simply uncheck the box.  Now it won't pop up under the list of sites you post to when you go to list an item. If you want to add it at a later date, simply go back to settings, and check the box again.

Site Discount Percentage: Some sites charge a commission when you sell an item, some do not. If you would like to list items at a discount, you may enter a percentage here and it will be deducted from the price before entering the price field for the site.

Get Amazon MWS credentials: Tap this button to pull your Amazon MWS credentials. This is not free and is only recommended for those that are already an Amazon professional seller. More information about Amazon MWS setup may be found here:
After logging in to your Amazon Seller Account, ClassAdLister will automatically pull the fields from Amazon so you do not have to enter them manually. 
If for some reason ClassAdLister is unable to pull your credentials automatically, here is what ClassAdLister is trying to automatically pull from the Amazon Seller Central pages. You may manually copy and paste the information into the appropriate ClassAdLister fields.
In Amazon Seller Central, select Settings and then Account Info.
You will see a section that says Your Services. Select Manage.
Next to sell on Amazon iit needs to say Professional, not Individual.
If it says Individual you should see a button that says upgrade. Upgrade and then you should be available for Amazon MWS.
The most confusing one is the Amazon Seller Id (Merchant Token).
It can be found here:
The AWS Access Key Id and Client Secret can be found here:
Under MWS credentials tap view.
There you will find both of the keys you need. Copy and paste them into the appropriate ClassAdLister fields.
Tap the Test Amazon MWS button and it should work properly.

Obtain eBay developer program credentials: It is highly recommended everyone sign up for the free eBay developer program. It is free to register and if you have already entered your eBay login information, ClassAdLister will populate the login information for you when registering. It is OK to use the same username and password on the eBay developer site as the main eBay site, but keep in mind they may be different. After logging in ClassAdLister will retrieve everything except the user token.

[Image: ebay_dev1.PNG]

In order to get the user token you must login to your production eBay account. To do that, scroll down to where it says production and tap User Tokens. You may need to turn your device sideways at this point if it is difficult to see the login button. Select Auth n' Auth and tap the Sign in to Production button. 

[Image: ebay_dev2.PNG]

Your credentials will be automatically populated and you may tap the Agree button and ClassAdLister will automatically pull your eBay token. 

[Image: ebay_dev3.PNG]

Now ClassAdLister has everything needed to login to your eBay account and use the eBay API for searching, importing, and listing product. If something goes wrong, you may always manually copy and paste the needed fields into ClassAdLister. In addition, you may do this whenever you wish. I.E. it does not hurt to register over and over again if something doesn't go quite right.

When finished making changes to a particular marketplace, tap the green checkmark save button to save your changes.

Custom Javascript:
Custom Script to auto-populate the CraigsList credit card information if you sell cars on craigslist.
Paste the script below into the Custom Script field for the specific craigslist login
making sure to replace anything that starts with "My" with whatever you would like populated.

var calElement = document.getElementById('cardFirstName');
if (calElement != null)

calElement = document.getElementById('cardLastName');
if (calElement != null)

calElement = document.getElementById('cardNumber');
if (calElement != null)

calElement = document.getElementById('expDate');
if (calElement != null)

calElement = document.getElementById('cvNumber');
if (calElement != null)

calElement = document.getElementsByName('cardAddress')[0];
if (calElement != null)

calElement = document.getElementById('cardPostal');
if (calElement != null)

calElement = document.getElementById('cardCity');
if (calElement != null)

calElement = document.getElementById('cardState');
if (calElement != null)

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