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ClassAdLister Tutorial videos
Tutorial on Getting Started:
ClassAdLister Quick Start

Tutorials on Configuring Specific Sites:
Setting up Amazon for use with ClassAdLister

Setting up eBay for use with ClassAdLister

Tutorials on Using Specific Sites:
Listing to eBay with ClassAdLister

Using Mercari with ClassAdLister

Using Letgo and 5 miles with ClassAdLister

Using Facebook Marketplace with ClassAdLister

Using eBid with ClassAdLister

Using Ecrater with ClassAdLister

Selling cars on craigslist with ClassAdLister

in order to get Poshmark working first download the Poshmark app from Google Play. If you do not, you will not be able to list as the browser will just display a screen that informs you to download the Poshmark app. Once the app is downloaded and you login via the Poshmark app, ClassAdLister will also function properly when listing.

Tutorials on Using Specific Features of ClassAdLister:
Grouping Inventory with ClassAdLister

Import Existing Inventory into ClassAdLister

Understanding Google Shopping

Editing images in ClassAdLister

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